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Tennis Rackets

Brian Bands Sports offers a fantastic range of tennis rackets. Whether you are starting out or on your way to Wimbledon, we have the expert knowlege and correct equipment for your game.

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Dunlop CX 200 26
CX 200 26" Develop your game at pace The CX 200 JNR 26 is a premium tennis racket for young pl..
FROM R1,600.00
Dunlop CX Elite 260
CX ELITE 260 Start your journey The entry-level, CX ELITE 260 is perfect for beginner adults o..
FROM R1,100.00
Dunlop CX Pro 255
CX PRO 255 Serve up a storm This lighter version of the CX PRO 265 is more manoeuvrable and de..
FROM R1,400.00
Dunlop NT R4.0
NT R4.0 Feel the natural power This update to the NT R3.0 racket has a bigger head size to giv..
FROM R2,500.00 R2,000.00
Head Graphene Extreme S
GRAPHENE 360 EXTREME S Description: The EXTREME S offers the same aggressive combination of ex..
FROM R2,150.00
Head Graphene Extreme S 2021
GRAPHENE 360 EXTREME S DESCRIPTION Now with a bigger headsize for more power, the EXTREME S is..
FROM R2,650.00
Head Graphene Extreme Team
GRAPHENE 360 EXTREME TEAM Description: The EXTREME TEAM might be lighter and easier to play th..
FROM R2,350.00
Head Graphene Extreme Team 2021
GRAPHENE 360 EXTREME TEAM DESCRIPTION The EXTREME TEAM is the lightest racquet in the EXT..
FROM R2,500.00
Head Graphene Gravity MP
GRAPHENE 360 GRAVITY MP DESCRIPTION The GRAVITY MP features the new Graphene 360+ technology a..
FROM R4,600.00
Head Graphene Gravity MP Lite
GRAPHENE 360 GRAVITY MP LITE DESCRIPTION Featuring the new Graphene 360+ technology, the GRAVI..
FROM R4,100.00
Head Graphene S6
GRAPHENE S6 Description: The legendary S6 comes back with a sumptuous upgrade. Retaining the g..
FROM R3,150.00
Head Graphene Speed MP Lite
GRAPHENE SPEED MP LITE The SPEED MP LITE is the lighter version of the SPEED MP and therefore per..
FROM R2,500.00
Head IG S2
IG S2 Head IG S2 perfect combination of power and feel it brings your game to the next level by p..
FROM R2,000.00
Wilson Blade 100L V7
BLADE 100 L V7 Description: The Blade 100L packs the signature technologies and features of th..
FROM R3,900.00
Wilson Blade Team 26
BLADE TEAM 26" Description Inspired by Wilson's adult performance Blade line, the Blade Team s..
FROM R1,100.00