Squash Rackets

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Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite
BLACKSTORM GRAPHITE Play with comfort and power. The 4D braided construction filters out vibratio..
FROM R1,850.00
Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium
BLACKSTORM TITANIUM Experience power like never before. This open-throat design provides out and ..
FROM R1,650.00
Dunlop Blaze Inferno
BLAZE INFERNO Get your first taste of increased power thanks to the 16x18 Powermax string pattern..
FROM R720.00
Dunlop Sonic Lite Ti
SONIC LITE TI This beginner racket is ideal for you if you're a recreational player. Start playin..
FROM R520.00
Tecnifibre CarboFlex X-Top 125
CARBOFLEX X-TOP 125 Absolutely iconic, the Carboflex 125 X-TOP racket is one of the most common m..
FROM R3,750.00
Tecnifibre CarboFlex X-Top 125 NS
CARBOFLEX X-TOP 125 NS For maximum power and control for female players. The racket played by Nou..
FROM R3,750.00
Tecnifibre CarboFlex X-Top 130
CARBOFLEX X-TOP 130 The best mix of power and manageability with the Carboflex 130 X-TOP racket! ..
FROM R3,200.00
Tecnifibre CarboFlex X-Top 135
CARBOFLEX X-TOP 135 Maximum power with the Carboflex 135 X-TOP racket! The Carboflex 135 X-TOP..
FROM R2,850.00
Wilson Blade CV
BLADE TEAM The Blade Countervail strikes a perfect balance between power and control within a sle..
FROM R2,300.00
Wilson Blade Team
BLADE TEAM The Wilson Blade Team squash racket is best suited to those who are new to the game an..
FROM R1,250.00
Wilson Hyper Hammer
HYPER HAMMER The Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 has a very light frame with most weight located in the t..
FROM R2,250.00
Wilson Ultra Triad
ULTRA TRIAD The Ultra Triad incorporates Wilson’s patented Triad frame technology for reduced vib..
FROM R3,200.00
Wilson Ultra UL
ULTRA UL Ultra-lightweight and ultra-manueverable, the Ultra UL is perfect for squash players see..
FROM R2,600.00