Hockey, outdoor game played by two opposing teams of 11 players each who use sticks curved at the striking end to hit a small, hard ball into their opponent's goal.

But how did this game get its name? There are a number of popular theories. One is that hockey comes from the French word "hoquet" which means shepherd's crook. Another is that a man named Colonel Hockey in Windsor, Nova Scotia used the game to keep his troops conditioned.

Brian Bands Sports offers a wide range of Hockey Balls. Practice, Match, Dimpled, Smooth, Indoor we have it all.

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Grays Astro Tec Dimple Ball
Astrotec Rotationally moulded ball with durable dimpled pattern PVC cover. Ideal for top lev..
FROM R130.00
Grays Match Dimple Ball
Match Dimple Durable dimpled pattern PVC cover Ideal for training and practice Weight: 5.5..
FROM R90.00
Grays SAHA Dimple Ball
GRAYS SAHA DIMPLE BALL   Entry level ball suitable for club level Solid core and hard ..
FROM R60.00
Gryphon Ball Carry Cage
BALL CARRY CAGE Made from tough, sturdy material that can easily transport around your training a..
FROM R550.00
Gryphon Match Ball
MATCH BALL  Bringing a strong outer layering that moulds well onto your stick the dimpled in..
FROM R70.00